people who hate vriska for killing people when she only killed like 2 people and gamzee killed, like, everyone

…didn’t gamzee only directly kill two people?

i mean, i get your point though!

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    Okay, I really hate seeing people call Vriska a bitch and hate on her for it and for what she’s done, saying she should...
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    Technically, Gamzee only killed in self defense too. But yeah, Vriska’s a terrible person regardless of however many...
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    The reason gamzee has all of my hate is Equius and Nepeta are awesome. Aradia is weirdly complicated and is dead but not...
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    Plus Eridan killed 2 people (although one came back) plus a ton of lusii and maimed Sollux, Kanaya killed Eridan and was...
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    I agree that Vriska is a bitch but she’s really just a product of everyone hating her, her mom being abusive, and a...
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    She did a LOT more than just killing two people. Gamzee’s some batshit insane clown people like for some reason.
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    And we’re going to ignore everyone she killed to feed spidermom? (Oh wait, they weren’t named characters, they don’t...
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    Okay, I like Vriska also, but I need to point something out- Vriska blinded Terezi, paralyzed Tavros, KILLED Tavros, and...
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    Terezi’s a bitch. >:[
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    Seriously. She’s not even the worst character! In fact, especially when compared to Gamzee, she actually FEELS BAD after...
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    I thought that too.
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    what was the death count again hold on 2 (+1 crippled tavros earlier because doc scratch said it was a good idea) 2 (the...
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    i like vriska she’s a spiteful, manipulative megabitch but i like her
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    This is dumb. People are dumb. Vriska is perfect. Just saying.