DCStuck Meetup!

Interested in getting to know some fellow Homestucks? You should come hang out on the National Mall next Saturday, June 2nd!

Everyone is welcome, and cosplay is encouraged (except for gray paint, unfortunately)! You’re also free to bring food, drinks, or favors to hand out—whatever suits your fancy!

This is the sixth DC meetup and they really are some of the best times I’ve ever had in a fandom. Please, please try to attend and tell your friends!

Info from the page:

The sixth installment of the amazing DCStuck series! We’ll be getting together at the national mall (start time to arrive is 10:30 AM, at which point a small gathering of us will be waiting for you) to chat, eat (potluck picnic anyone? c: ) and play some games! At around 12:30 we’ll be heading out to explore the museums on the Smithsonian and just have a generally awesome time together~!

Cosplay is ALWAYS encouraged, but please be mindful that, if you are coming as a troll, the weather will be warm and there’s a possibility of rain (umbrellas, guys!) so it’s probably best that you skip out on the fabulous gray paint!

Please, if you do attend (which I really really really REALLY hope you do!!!), be nice and respectful and friendly to everyone else at the meetup. We’re all homestucks and we’re all the same, so be inclusive! And it goes without saying that we should also be polite and well-behaved to everyone else in the area, just trying to have a good time. 

Feel free to invite your friends!
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    abawbaw you all go and have fun for me, okay?
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    All of you should come! It’s gonna be fun like usual! Also you’reall beautiful and you’re all cool to hang out with :33...
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    you guys should all come so you can see me and amanda being kawaii girlfriendos
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    hey, this is tomorrow! i’m actually hosting this time i guess, so please stop by if you can
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    Hm, I might show up to this. DC is always great, and it’s always good to meet new Homestucks.
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    Oh my word i am so going to this! A whole week to plan out a cosplay, this is great!
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    pthptphpthp I REALLY REALLY want to I’ll have to see if I can! ;u;
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    uylwefgfshgk i wanna gooooooo cuz i didnt go yesterday….but its right before exams FTTTTT
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    Wow I might be able to go to this;;;;;
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    Oh, Jeremy will be in the area that day! I think I’d like to go, at least.
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    hey, thts like how we have san diego stuck meetups ^^ our next one is formalstuck on the 9th at balboa park ^^