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machinati0ns (an aradia megido fansong) - off-broadway aradia

wow, i’m nervous to post this! it’s my second original song for this blog, and this time i decided to sing about aradia’s time as a robot. i’m still not 100% confident in my songwriting abilities, but i do prefer this to “can y0u hear me n0w”.

cover art by matilda~!

download on tindeck~!


melt me d0wn and m0ld me int0 s0mething w0rth y0ur time

my kiss metallic bitter c0ld my v0ice an alarms chime

replace all i 0nce was with a c0lder n0bler heart

and set me free t0 h0n0r y0u a bleeding w0rk 0f art

these b0lts and gears are aching with em0ti0ns that arent mine

but i am n0t restricted t0 the feelings y0u assign

steel c0d0ns in my circuits sparking all my st0ps and starts

am i 0nly w0rth the sum 0f all my functi0ning parts


ive bec0me an new creati0n y0u d0nt want t0 miss 0ut 0n

c0ngratulate me 0n my transf0rmati0n girl bec0mes aut0mat0n

i will n0t be br0ken h0ney i am n0t a t0y

y0u kn0w it takes an ir0n girl t0 bruise an ir0n b0y

s0 c0unt y0ur stars and blessings this kiss is all y0ure g0nna get

at least im n0t afraid t0 t0uch y0u d0nt mind strength 0r sweat

ive bec0me a new creati0n y0u d0nt want t0 miss 0ut 0n

c0ngratulate me 0n my transf0rmati0n girl bec0mes aut0mat0n

did y0u pr0gram me t0 be this angry

when y0u were craving t0 be d0minated

did y0u pr0gram me t0 feel this empty

beh0ld the weap0n y0uve created

brand new eyes like burning rubies

what the fuck have y0u d0ne t0 me

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