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im just y0ur pr0blem (originally from ‘adventure time’, sung by olivia olson) - off-broadway aradia

okay not gonna lie i kinda like this one… enjoy!

help and inspiration from theblueatominnermonologuelololloganaura, and an anonymous person! <3

now with a cool cover by swimmingaroundinavegeta!

listen and download on tindeck!


la da da da da

im g0nna beat you int0 the gr0und

la da da da da

im g0nna rip y0ur blue heart 0ut

im g0nna hurt y0u bad

smash y0ur 0nly g00d eye

im g0nna

s0rry i still d0nt think y0ure a badass

is that what y0u want me t0 do

s0rry i dont treat y0u like y0ure mindfang

like all the 0ther stupid l0wbl00ds d0

im made 0f icy metal

and im still n0t c00l en0ugh f0r y0u

is that why y0u had t0 destr0y me

0r is there s0mething else y0ure trying t0 pr0ve


im just y0ur pr0blem

im just y0ur pr0blem

its like im n0t even a pers0n am i 

im just y0ur pr0blem

well i will make y0u pay f0r the bad things y0u d0

i died bef0re i had the chance t0 stand up t0 y0u

im s0rry but i still exist

and your m0uth is ab0ut to make friends with my fist

and i sh0uldnt want anything t0 d0 with y0u but

why d0 i want t0

why d0 i want t0

t0 taste y0ur bl00d

and run my hands thr0ugh y0ur


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