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believed in — a jack frost fansong by lily

yes!!!! finally finished up this fansong i wrote… jack frost is very dear to my heart.

music and lyrics by me, cover credit from a google search of ‘jack frost’.

download on tindeck!!


they cant see me

they dont need me

and im laughing

but im lonely

and my blood is

running icy

and the hands of fear

are clasped around my memories

ive lost a piece of myself

little teeth know

my pasts secret

am i ready

to hear it?

pretty baby

hands are shaking

and the ice all around you

is breaking

put a smile on

and ill save you

us older brothers

we do what we have to

and im freezing now


i am drifting

then the darkness

starts lifting

surface shatters

from the inside

leaves me shivering

gasping in the moonlight

and he tells me my name

and then suddenly i remember why

i’m breathing

and suddenly there is no better feeling

than the feeling

of being

believed in

in the eyes of

my first believer

in that smile

i can see her

little jamie

i will save you

cause us guardians

we do what we have to

and im through with being sad

were gonna have a little fun instead

now i know who i am

were gonna have a little fun instead

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