Ever heard of the Mystery Kids?
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i have a mystery kids song coming too

the chords are weird and i can never get it right

but it’s coming along

I love your fansongs! Do you plan to make more for Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons?
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i have another one laid out that’s actually really cheery

it’s like

"a day of my own"

and it’s what they do when they feel free and shit

jtlyk there's no way in hell they'd make a rotg/httyd/brave/tangled crossover bc dreamworks and disney :/
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ok so I'm really stupid and i just noticed that the reason hiccup loses his foot is because it is in the pedal thing he has attacked to Toothless and it gets ripped off when he falls off of toothless, because his new "foot" fits into it so well, like wat. i am so stupid yeah i had to tell someone form the fandom. weeeee.
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omg idk

there’s this giant debate about that at my school

did his foot rip off

burn off

or did toothless bite it off trying to catch him

-yet another ask about leaving homestuck- i wanna see dat pupil mhhhh-

don't leave the homestuck fandom yeah let's see how close u can get to that picture of jamies face
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*another ask about not wanting you to leave the Homestuck fandom so you zoom in closer to Jamie's face*
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Please promise to never leave the Homestuck fandom :')
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so your healing incantation is literally beautiful, and i think that it would be incredible if you were to do more covers of songs from animated movies! that way, we can get more doses of your voice, while you're writing your beautiful music, which obviously takes longer than just like recording a cover. we could suggest songs for you to do next and it would be awesome. just and idea <3

that would be great!

i’m open to cover suggestions at any time!



about your dream, was norman as short as he was in his own movie, and have one eye bigger than the other, like did everyone look like their animated selves or were they like humanized looking? cause itd be pretty hard to run with norman holding his hand when hes presumably like 4 feet tall
scopesam ASKED

he was very small, probably around 4’7? and i’m 5’8 so it was hard to run next to him lmao

they were all humanized, but it was in a very strange way where i couldn’t process their faces? thinking back to it i recall them being in a strange place between real and animated, although i know it was different in my dream

weird as shit

you were in my dream last night and i was in a maze race against jade dave and vriska and after we ran out of time (no one finished i think???????) the maze turned into a stage and the lights darkened and there was this huge crowd and it was like now performing: broadway-aradia!!!!! i think you sang but i cant remember
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thats awesome haha

i really love being in people’s dreams, thanks for sharing!

you are perfect okay? okay.
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thank u

Ariel because of your hair, and beautiful singing voice.

we do have really similar hair like it’s actually strange

like the same scalp pattern so our hair moves in the same direction, freaky dude

and omg thank you, i really like her singing voice ; u;

hihi..^_^ is it alright if i make a video using your rotg song? cause..i love your voice ouo
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omg go for it

i love videos!!!