oh, spring break? time to lip sync like its my job


i need advice on whether i’m just cripplingly insecure or my friend is being really shitty and emotionally manipulative? tired of being so hurt over this

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just watched “seeking a friend for the end of the world” and wow the ending was AAAH

i didn’t find it particularly sad but with the lights going out and then the impact noises and the bright light my heart started racing faster and faster and then the screen whited out and i just started shaking and years are still running out of my eyes but i’m not upset about anything?

like is my brain panicking? what is going on

after the con comes the tears… i’m laying in bed sobbing because i miss everyone so much

i had a ton of fun and i know i was super awkward but i’m just so appreciative of the fact that i had people who wanted to be around me because last con i was just by myself and i know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but it really meant a lot to me

thank you all so much

i really love you guys

BA: i am very much kawaii
BA: and i intend to stay that way :)

hey, so i have a very long commute to my meetup today… can anybody recommend some homestuck longfics on ao3?

if i were HYPOTHETICALLY writing a homestuck prom version of ‘born this way’…

what would the rewritten “don’t be a ____ just be a ____” part say?

i know this is a lot to ask

but would anybody be willing to doodle up a cover art for me

and get it to me in the next hour and a half

like i’m not taking this seriously because it’s kind of a drag and a bother

but i just thought i’d ask

cause there are only so many pictures of aradia i can picnik haha